Search Search. Menu Sections. Caitlin McBride Twitter Email. S NL has one job: to make people laugh. That’s it. There are no rules as to how you might do that and these days, most of us have lowered the bar so much that we’ll take even the cheapest of giggles to enjoy a brief reprieve from life’s daily stresses. So you’ll understand our frustration with a show like SNL that has all year to come up with an Irish focused sketch, only to come up with an uncomfortable segment about kissing cousins. The big twist is that Cecily Strong and Kate McKinnon, wearing bad red wigs and speaking with even worse Irish accents, are his cousins and they’re all still interested. If you were waiting for a small laugh at the end to vindicate your time, you’ll be disappointed. Unlike the Aer Lingus sketch, which outraged so many, this didn’t even have the redeeming quality of first-time host Saoirse Ronan, Ireland’s proudest cinematic talent and an icon in the making.

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Somehow, Dave standing right next to her laughing at his own jokes made the punchlines hit even harder. Jackson impression, and Chappelle gets the voice and mouth movements of the man perfectly. Many rappers — like JAY-Z — grow into their money and begin to see themselves as financial advisors. The Wu-Tang Clan has never taken themselves quite that seriously, which is probably why their advisory approach feels so honest and relaxed.

A recap of all the sketches from episode 2 of season 45 of Saturday Night In this parody of the popular U.K. sex and dating show, the dopes.

Skip navigation! Story from Entertainment. The unreleased sketch may have been cut for time, but honestly, how dare they? We get a few clips of the couples speaking tweetable quotes before learning, in typical Netflix reality show style, that SNL has added a plot twist: all of these lucky singles have been exposed to the coronavirus and are under quarantine , because sick people deserve love too, right? The conversations start off very normal as far as talking to a stranger behind a wall in an empty pod goes and slowly reveals how each of these singles ended up in this coronavirus love connection.

If we gain anything from the sketch is the seriously outrageous and questionable levels a person will go to find love, even if you are the ghastly age of

The 20 Best ‘Chappelle’s Show’ Sketches Of All time

The following is a list of episodes from the sketch comedy group the Whitest Kids U’ Know which ran from March 20, — June 17, with a total of 60 episodes and 5 seasons on Fuse and IFC. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article.

The Big Gay Sketch Show features a combination of traditional and music-based sketches, pop culture parodies and Lesbian Speed Dating and more.

The style of television that most Americans over the age of 20 grew up watching may still be hanging on, with popular shows like This Is Us , Supernatural , and Modern Family doing extremely well for their respective networks. Scripted shows, with continuous stories and character development that require teams of writers and set designers, have been pushed to the backseat.

Now riding shotgun is shows about families with multiple babies, racially-stereotyped pastry chefs, and bug eaters. Reality TV shows have practically dominated network and cable TV in recent years because the payoff is in the high revenue return and simple production value. In , E! There are different factors to consider when comparing the production costs of reality TV shows and scripted ones.

Naturally, reality TV shows require fewer writers, which helps lower the cost. At the same time, salaries for popular reality stars have shot up exponentially. This cost advantage of reality TV spills over into the smaller and emerging networks, many of which wouldn’t exist without lower-cost programming options. Not mentioning MTV, which had a massive resurgence in the s thanks to the format.

Video: Christmas Comes Early To ‘Saturday Night Live’ With Host Scarlett Johansson (And Baby Yoda)

In this sketch series, Arturo Castro attempts to navigate life as a Latin millennial in the U. Satirizing everything from modern dating to American culture to politics, Alternatino brings a fresh point of view to the Latinx experience. Another Period follows the lives of the obscenely rich Bellacourt family and their many servants in turn-of-the-century Rhode Island.

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Watch the trailer. Iliza Shelsinger in her fifth Netflix stand-up special, discussing marriage and its traditions. Iliza Shlesinger performs in this standup talking about dating, feminism and some of the intricacies associated with being a woman in the 21st century. Her innocent good looks are just a cover for Last Comic Standing winner Iliza Shlesinger’s acerbic, stream-of-conscious comedy that she unleashes on an unsuspecting audience in her hometown of Dallas in her stand-up special “War Paint.

Newly engaged comic Iliza Shlesinger dives into undeniable truths about life at age 35, the insanity of the road traveled and what’s to come. Smart and brazen comedian Iliza Shlesinger applies her fresh, laugh-out-loud perspective to the universal struggles between men and women. A comedian Iliza Shlesinger and her friends struggle with the indignities of dead-end jobs, dating, hangovers, infidelity and all the rest of the absurdities of modern adulthood.

She’s halfway through her 20s, and she’s over it. Too old to party, too young to settle down, comedian Taylor Tomlinson takes aim at her life choices. Two rival brothers must work together to keep their brewery in business, but shenanigans keep foaming up their company with chaos. Iliza, who returns home to Austin, Texas, to help her mom and sister run their family business.


Modern dating is challenging, but it’s especially tough when the person you’re seeing is also a magician. Just think of all the dove poop around their apartment. In an episode packed with references to disturbing political news, this was a nice break to laugh at something everyone can agree on: Professional magicians are really goofy. Playing the host of the show, cast member Leslie Jones struggled to keep it together at various points in the sketch, using a notecard to hide her giggles as the magicians strutted their stuff.

Whenever you’re doing a sketch show, the easy fallback position is to target the a one-off show for Channel 4 called A Date With hosted by Tony Slattery.

You could argue that such a hodgepodge keeps things unpredictable, but the inconsistency of the writing, with too many half-developed ideas, is ultimately a turn-off. To drive the stereotypes home, Ripped Fat Dudes mocks guys who love gyms… but also beer and pizza. These are all pretty well-observed sketches with a point, but then Shlesinger swerves into the weird. The comic and her supporting cast clearly had fun sloppily chowing down on juicy nectarines in the business meeting sketch.

An observation that some people sing tunelessly and absent-mindedly to their dogs becomes a full-blown Star Is Born parody, which quickly feels tired as it adds little to the initial premise. And a long-winded skit set on a budget airline is that worst kind of surreal, based only on a blizzard of non-sequiturs that only serves to baffle. Watch here. Review date: 3 Apr Reviewed by: Steve Bennett.

The Lenny Henry Show. Nathan Cassidy: Observational.

Jamie Foxx’s ‘Wanda’ On The Dating Game – One Of The Funniest Skits EVER!

It’s a painfully unfunny skit that borders on the offensive, and it wasn’t long before a number of Irish people took to Twitter to hit out at SNL for the “appalling sketch”. I miss when SNL was bitingly funny. Appalling sketch about Ireland. This SNL Irish dating show skit is so upsetting skincrawling. It is so so unbelievably fucking easy to make fun of the Irish; that SNL can’t do it in any effective way is proof that it’s a terrible show written by hacks.

Dating Game is a sketch on the fifth episode of the first season of The Whitest Kids U’Know. It originally aired on Fuse. Synopsis: Sam, Zach, and Timmy tell.

Twentysomething screwup Josh Jay Baruchel has been dumped by his long-term girlfriend. He then awkwardly re-enters single life, both inspired and confused by advice from his wacky troupe of friends, and proceeds to experience all the confusing mishaps of modern dating. Later, he realizes his girlfriend is happily dating someone new: the still-kicking Adolf Hitler Bill Hader , now age The laughs come as much from the tricky social dynamics as the initial sight gags—Josh wants to be sensitive about the monstrous troll, inquiring after some shared interests.

His low expectations are here to be mocked. There are really only three big sketches per episode, each six or seven minutes long, and while some are hits, others feel interminable. On this show, he wisely collaborated with director Jonathan Krisel, who came up working with comedians Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim and is responsible for the visual feel of Portlandia and Kroll Show , two sketch shows that succeed partly because of their attention to detail.

Kroll Show started out as a reality television spoof but jumped to the next level by weaving all of its disparate storylines together into one bonkers universe; its third season promises to wrap everything up with a bang. Krisel has given Man Seeking Woman the moody look of an indie comedy, and does well having its most absurd moments blend into that look without feeling flat. That said, the visual seamlessness is a nice accomplishment, but to what end? But it shifts pretty dramatically as the season progresses.

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